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Visit to Staerk's Egg Barn

On Friday, November 23, the Kindergarten to grade 3 classes went to see Mrs. Staerk’s new egg barn. First, we saw the egg room. This is where Mrs. Staerk will check the eggs and take out any broken ones. Then she puts the eggs into flats and stores them in the giant cooler room. She will have 6500 chickens and they will lay one egg every day. Each morning Mrs. Staerk will collect about 6000 eggs.
Next, we went into the big chicken room. We got to see the chicken’s homes. They have a swinging perch, a stationary perch and a curtain to have privacy when they are laying their eggs. Their food is delivered to them on a conveyor belt. They also have access to fresh water every day. The eggs travel by conveyor belt and a special egg elevator to a big conveyor belt that takes the eggs to the egg room. At the end of each row of chicken homes was a scraper that would scrape the chicken poop into a pit with a different conveyor belt that took the chicken poop to another room where it was put on to a trailer to use on their fields. 
We learned a lot about egg barns and chickens on our trip to Mrs. Staerk’s barn.