Events » Spirit Week October 28-November 1

Spirit Week October 28-November 1

Spirit Week/Grade Wars

A small group of 7-12 students is organizing Spirit Week for Oct. 28 – Nov. 1 and Mr. Bonneteau has graciously agreed to provide a pizza party for the winning classes (1 party K-6, 1 party 7-12).  Each class will earn points based on a percentage of how many students in the class dress up and Jaworski’s Math Minions will be collecting and tabulating the data. 


Oct. 28th Music Monday: Dress like a Rock Star, wear your favourite band’s merchandise.

Oct. 29th Team Tuesday: Represent your favourite team…jerseys, t-shirts, anything sport related.

Oct. 30th Onesie Wednesday:  AKA Pajama Day

Oct. 31 Halloween: Any costume (school appropriate).  Gym Blast for grades 7-12 last block where grades can earn more points for winning challenges.

Nov. 1 Peters Plaid Friday: Throwback to when Mr. Peters first started at Whitemouth School and the high school kids always wore Plaid on Fridays.  Winners of the pizza parties will be announced right before lunch.