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Cancellations Spring 2020

March 13, 2020
Dear Sunrise Community,
Manitoba has now confirmed its first cases of COVID-19 and we expect that the number of cases
reported will be increasing. In consultation with both Manitoba Education and Manitoba Health, school
divisions are being asked to share the following proactive and preventative strategies with all people in
our school communities:
-practice social distancing where possible, which means maintaining at least 2 metres distance
from others, limiting close proximity to less than 10 minutes, and avoiding physical contact like
hand shaking
-practice more frequent and adequate hygiene practices, which means increased hand
washing, minimizing the touching of one’s own face, and wiping down surfaces used by many
-stay home if you are sick, and contact Health Links-Info Santé at 1-204-788-9257 or toll free
at 1-888-315-9257 if you are symptomatic
The information regarding COVID-19 is rapidly evolving, so it is important for each of us to remain
informed. The following links will assist you in having current and accurate information:
Sunrise School Division will be communicating as quickly and effectively as possible moving forward,
but it is important for all of us to be attentive, to be flexible, and to take both personal as well as
collective responsibility to protect ourselves and each other. As this virus spreads, we will be guided
by local, national and international health authorities, governments and agencies that are best
positioned to inform our decisions and to help us navigate effective actions.
In an effort to prevent, manage, and isolate the spread of the virus and limit exposure to the virus, the
school division will be implementing the following measures beginning Monday, March 16, 2020 and
until further notice:
-cancelling all field trips
-cancelling all non-essential meetings, gatherings, assemblies, presentations, and other large
group events including upcoming parent/teacher and student-led conferences
-cancelling staff attendance at professional development sessions
-cancelling extra-curricular activities
-cancelling the community use of school or divisional space
We expect anyone exhibiting signs or feeling flu-like symptoms to stay home from school until healthy
enough to attend. We also request that staff and families self-report illnesses to the school. Schools
will be closely monitoring staff and students for signs of illness and will contact parents and guardians
should any concerning symptoms be observed. As always, parents and guardians have the right to
keep their child at home if they feel that is the best option for their child or children’s safety, but would
ask your cooperation with informing the school of this choice.
At this time, schools in Manitoba and in Sunrise School Division will remain open. School closures will
be considered as circumstances change, so we are encouraging everyone to be prepared for the
possibility of home isolation going forward. We would also encourage families and community
members to limit any of their own non-essential travel plans in order to help minimize the potential of
spreading the COVID-19.
Please call if you have questions or wish to clarify any of the above information.
Be well and stay healthy.
Cathy Tymko