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Talent Development

The Talent Development Program is designed to identify and develop student talent. The talent development teacher works cooperatively with staff, students, and parents/guardians to offer and promote opportunities for large, small group, and individual student talent development. The primary role of the talent development teacher is to assist with the identification of, and programming for exceptionally talented students.

Students: If you have an interest or ability you want to explore or pursue, please contact Mrs. Hyra.

Parents/Guardians/Community members: If you have an interest or ability you are willing to share, please contact Mrs. Hyra @ 348 2595.





Artspeak is an integrated arts credit program offered by Sunrise School Division. Artspeak exists to provide a specialized learning environment in an alternate setting to the school classroom for students who are talented in the arts. At Artspeak students use the skills they have acquired in their high schools to create, experiment, take risks, and be as open as they choose in a safe, supportive and constructive environment where they can share their talents with students from other schools in Sunrise.

If you are interested in learning more please contact Mrs. Hyra @ 348-2595.